I am a masterpiece!

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I’ve started a new Bible study from Mel’s World.

When you start to paint your canvas you need to sit, think, pray and ask God for His help as you seek the answers to these questions,
“What do I value?”

I value my faith and relationship with God first and foremost, as He is the reason that I have been so blessed! I value my family–not only my husband and sons, but also my parents, sisters, inlaws, etc. I value my friends and church family, as they make up a big part of my life as well. I value my job and the children that I teach. I value my health, not only my physical health, but also my emotional and mental well-being.

“What’s important to me?”

The above is what is important to me. Being the best Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and teacher that I can be is important. Fulfilling the plan that God has placed before me is important. This may mean that I need to put others’ needs before my own, and may have to step out in faith when I’m not sure where God is leading me. This may mean that I have to Bear My Cross and share my testimony with others, even the painful parts.

“What are my priorities?”

My priorities. Well, I honestly haven’t been giving God top priority in my life, and I need to do better at that. My family, church, and job are important priorities. I need to make ME more of a priority, and take the time to exercise and spend time with my husband alone.

“What/Where do I see God taking me?”

I see that God wants me to work with children/youth in the church again. I see that He has been cultivating some organizational skills in me, and I need to continue to look and listen for ways to put this to use. I see that He has given me some skills in my job that I can share with lesser experienced teachers to help them set up their classroom and such so that things will run smoothly. I need to continue to look for where He wishes for me to serve. I have taken on a role in the Worship Committee in our church, and I know that this is an area I can serve well.

A masterpiece…that is a different way to look at myself! That means that not only am I made by God, but he VALUES me! He created me and enjoys looking upon his creation. That means that other people may marvel at His work in me, and find different values and things speaking to them than what He thought while creating me, and what I think that I convey. I think about how much we read into great literature, and how sometimes the author didn’t even realize the symbolism that was conveyed, but then does agree with it once it is there! Wow, to think that others might see that in me….is humbling, and shows how important it is that I show myself as His child at all times. I am being watched. I am being observed. I am affecting people I may not even really know. And they may remember me for years to come…..Wow.


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